Friendship With Time Becomes Deeper,

And Matured And Weaves A Colorful,

Tapestry Of Memories,

Spent In The Company Of FRIENDS..!!

Sometimes You Hurt The Ones Who Loves You Most,

Sometimes You Hold The Ones Who Leave You Lost,

And Sometimes, You Learn But It’s Too Late..!!

You know you are in love,

When you see the world in her eyes,

And her eyes everywhere in the world..!!

My love for you is like water,

Falling countless,

The beating of my heart,

For you is so heavy and soundless,

The feeling of being in your arm is so

Precious and endless..!!

My eyes are blind without your eyes to see,

Like a rose without color,

My soul is shattered without your arms to hold me,

Like a mirror without a reflection,

Always be there in my life sweetheart..!!

If i could bring back Memories,

i would bring the first day i kissed u,

i look u in the eyes and felt love,

thanks god an angel came into my life..!

A candle may melt,

and its fire may die,

but the love you have given me,

will always stay as a flame in my heart..!!

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