If love were to be taxed, I would be the highest tax payer.
Hum jeet naa sakey Wo aisi shart lagane lage, Apni Pyari si ankho ko Hmari ankho se Larane lage, Hum Jeet hi jate par Palak hamne tab jhapka li, Jab unki ankho se aansu ane lage ..open
life is a book each day a new page with adventure or experience lesson to learn and good deeds to replicates have a colourful episode ..open
If love were to be taxed, I would be the highest tax payer. ..open

Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is. ..open
To love you is to receive a glimpse of heaven. ..open
Your love is like a flame that lights up my world! Sweetheart, I want your love to shine in my life forever. ..open

Missing you is my hobby; Caring for you is my job; Making you happy is my duty; And loving you is my life ..open
The only love worthy of a name is unconditional. ..open
You fill my days with happiness and my world with your love. Sweetheart, you are very very special to me!.........................emotional love sms for girlfriend ..open

dreams make all things possible hope make all things work love make all things beautiful smiles makes all the work possible keep smiling ..open
If I were a tear in your eye I would roll down onto your lips. But if you were a tear in my eye, I would Never cry as I would be afraid to lose you ..open
Love someone... not because they give you what you need, but because they give you feelings you never thought you needed! ..open

My world is beautiful because of you and I wish to spend the rest of my life loving you. I'll love you till eternity ..open
life is kabhi khushi kabhi gham how long it last na tum jano na ham but ham sath sath hai thats fact qyamat se qyamat tak u must know it cause kal ho na ho ..open
Kisi ko dil se chahna bura to nahin, Kisi ko dil me basana bura to nahin, Gunah hoga zamane ki nazar me to kya hua Zamane wale bhi insaan hain khuda to nahi. ..open

i dont wish to be everything to everyone

but i would like to be something for someone
You're my drug; and I am addicted to you ..open
If loving you is wrong, then I don't wanna be right; My love for you is strong and brighter than any light; The way we must go is long, but we'll win every fight!.......................emotional love sms in english ..open

Zamane se nhi hum tanhai se darte hain, Pyar se nahin hum ruswai se darte hain, Milne ki arzoo bahut hoti hai dil mein, Hum milne k baad ki judayi se darte hai. ..open
We cannot be together, But we’ll never be apart, For no matter what life brings us You are always in my heart..!! ..open

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